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MFR Structural Work

My perspective on myofascial release is similar to a triangle with three distinct but interwoven point..

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MFR Unwinding

Myofascial unwinding is the movement-facilitation aspect of my myofascial-release approach...

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MFR Rebounding

Past research on the fascial system focused on the fibrous web, because scientists studied anatomy on cadavers that...

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Myofascial Release

The John Barnes Myofascial release is the ultimate therapeutic treatment. A whole body approach that is safe…



The scalp is on one of the most important areas of the body and requires special attention. This treatment is focused on…


Relax with out getting undressed in a special chair that allows you to relax while having your shoulders, neck and back massaged…

Advanced Bodywork

Advanced Bodywork is a premier clinic specializing in Myofascial Release treatment.
Advanced Bodywork was established to provide highly skilled individualized treatment for each client, with all treatments provided by a an expert MFR Therapist.
You deserve the best opportunity to achieve your goals of wellness and physical health.
Advanced Bodywork will provide an environment and therapy approach that will help you succeed
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